O Sweet 2 year old, how I love your “squeezy hugs”, open mouthed kisses, and apparent visceral need of mummy.

How quickly we forget about this stage in our children’s lives. For the last few weeks, Kirby has become very much ‘into his mama’. This can be annoying but mostly it is sweet and I relish it. I am greeted with running feet and the call “mummy, mummy, mummy” every time I arrive home. I am the frequent recipient of “cuddle, cuddle, cuddle mummy” and I am showered in those wet open mouthed toddler kisses. (I will ignore all the other stuff that goes with this: like his need for only ME to change poopy diapers and brush his teeth).

Tim and I first recognized Kirby’s version of the Oedipal stage, when Kirby held my face in his hands and had a little makeout session with my face. We looked at each and laughed and he immediately reminded me of this phase with Micah.

When Micah was 2, we frequently had family cuddles before his bedtime. One night, Micah looked over at his dad and said “you can go now, mummy and I want to be alone”. So funny….

Oh little boys….how I love this sweet phase.