Kirby and I set off on a 4.5 hour car trip today to bring to stay with his Nanny and Poppy while Tim and I take the older to children to Disney World! Yes, we are braving Disney, but decided we weren’t brave enough to do it with the “K-Man” as he calls himself or “Destructo-man” as the rest of us call him. Thankfully, Nanny and Poppy are up to the challenge of a week with a 2 and half year old and agreed to have him.

We set off on our drive. Now long car rides are difficult for Kirby as he is an “action man”. He likes to be moving and playing and exploring and….etc. ALL THE TIME. So the drive was full of lots of exciting moments. But my favourite moment, that I would have missed if I wasn’t engaged in this mindful challenge was this:

Shake It Out by Florence and the Machine was playing on the iPod and I was singing (yelling) along as I LOVE this song. Kirby joined in. When it finished, I looked in the rear view mirror and I could see Kirby’s pink face, bright eyes, and smiling mouth. He was yelling “do it again! do it again!”. And so we did.