I drove back home today. Four hours in a car by myself – it was kind of amazing. That kind of time always makes me pensive, interesting what you think about when your brain has the time.

Mindful moment for today occurred while helping Ariel wash her hair. She was one very tired, very excited little girl. That combination makes for a very fragile 4-year-old. She insisted on rinsing the soap out of her hair herself. This is painful to watch as the water she pours barely makes it onto her hair. I was about to intervene and take over (which would definitely have resulted in lots of crying/screaming/carrying on) when I stopped. My mind was racing with all of the “to-dos” before we leave tomorrow and I was frustrated with her whining. But I stopped and leaned on the tub and decided to just be with her. And for that moment I was. Perhaps some modest success tonight.