Well, I had meant to post from Disney World, they are kind enough to provide free wi-fi both in the hotel and at the parks. So I hadn’t posted about my departure from the blog for a week because it was not planned.

BUT…this leads to telling you what my mindful moments were for the whole week: I gave in to Disney. I unplugged, stopped planning, stop checking email/FB, etc. Prior to our trip I had done much research (piggybacked on the extensive research done by a good friend – thank you again!). I researched what week had the lowest crowds, made itineraries to minimize wait times and walking, and planned carefully to go when it would not be too hot. I knew when we got there I would need to let go of all the planning a bit and just enjoy my family at Disney World.

Shocking news (for me): I did it. I managed not to rush my family out the door onto the bus on Day 1 so we would make it to the Magic Kingdom before the gates opened (my itinerary said that was imperative). And then, when Micah spotted the Teacup ride before I was planning for us to ride it, I said yes! Let’s go on the teacups now! And it was great. Yes, the delay in getting to a more popular ride resulted in a slightly longer wait at that ride, but who cares? This trip was about enjoying Disney with our children. And so I tried hard to remember this throughout the week.

We had a great time. We loosely followed the itinerary, but strayed from it when inspiration struck. I am not sure I would have had the awareness to be mindful in those moments when the kids (or husband) wanted to do something differently if I hadn’t been in the middle of this exercise.

Once again. yay mindfulness. It is taking a lot of practice, but I am starting to feel the difference.