For the past 8 years, CASIEF has maintained an apartment here in Kigali. This has certainly made it much easier for the flow of visitors to get settled quickly. Unfortunately, over the last few years, the apartment has become increasingly uncomfortable. The water was more often turned off than on, the building is in a fun but very loud neighbourhood – with music pumping regularly until 4 in the morning, and most recently  there has been a cockroach invasion.

Finally the decision was made to find a new apartment. This was challenging because CASIEF is run entirely on donations and it is important to use that money wisely and conservatively.  Apartments in Kigali (with Western style amenities) are very expensive. Luckily, an apartment was found! Margaret and I were able to move in on Wednesday and today we were able to complete the move.

The new apartment is in a beautiful, quiet neighbourhood, Kiyovu, about a 40 minute walk to CHUK. The work TO work is uphill but coming home is down hill – major plus!

Today, the contents of the old apartment were moved into the new apartment.  I spent the morning with Christophe, the lovely Rwandan man who CASIEF employs to oversee the apartment, clean, and generally make sure the volunteers are sorted. We sorted everything and put everything away. Some of the items were humorous to me – 4 coffee percolators; a giant bin of medical supplies including IV solution and many medications; and a million shoe cover for the OR – Only anesthesiologists.

I would say that we are now officially all moved in and CASIEF has made a very good choice in this apartment. It is very comfortable and well located and I think Margaret and I, and future CASIEF volunteers will be very happy here.