We have come to the end of our 4 weeks in Rwanda. My family arrived to spend this last week in Kigali with me, and of course this has resulted in less time for writing!

It feels far too soon to be finished here. I feel like I finally understand how I can best contribute and what areas need particular attention. I remember this feeling from when I was a resident, changing rotations every 4 weeks. You finally felt like you were getting the hang of things and it was time to move on.

This was a short week, as Easter Monday is an observed holiday in Rwanda. We ran the academic day on Tuesday, complete with the required quiz on the last 4 weeks of curriculum. Following the quiz, we had a spirited debate over the answers to some of the questions. Once again, the resident group inspired me with their enthusiasm for learning and dedication to the “book work”.

Margaret and I spent our last 2 days here in the OR at CHUK with the residents. We both had the opportunity to work with the Chief Resident and this gave us some great time for discussion about his thoughts on the program and the future of the department here at the University of Rwanda.

I finally found my stride in how to teach a different approach to the pediatric patient to senior residents and to review/teach the basic anesthetic considerations of the pediatric patient to Year 1 residents.

It was a successful and rewarding week, but I will miss being here and working with these residents and the local Rwandan anesthesiologists. They have all be so welcoming, even though at times, I know we were an added burden to their day.

I now feel I have a much greater understanding of both the CASIEF program and the partnership between the University of Rwanda and Dalhousie University. Now I must ponder my future involvement – I know I definitely would like to return!